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Individual Therapy from Licensed Therapists


Therapy should be a collaborative and interactive experience with you and your counselor. By creating a warm, non-judgmental environment, you will feel safe enough in this space we create to explore any historical experiences that may be limiting you. By helping you to understand your life in new ways and from different angles, we help guide you to greater healing and happiness.


Our licensed therapist and psychotherapists understand that individual therapy is often the best way to get the desired results for you to live your best life.


We specialize in helping with:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Self-Esteem/ self-worth Issues
  • Anger
  • Childhood trauma
  • Life meaning questions

We also offer the following services:


Family Therapy

Family is one of the major sources for the development of personal strength and self-esteem. When things go wrong, there is no shame in seeking the help of professional of family counseling to help you through tough and challenging times. We will help you break away from old behavior patterns that are harmful and establish new, healthier alternatives. We will also help to assess the problem, evaluate your strengths and goals, and access choices.


Couples Therapy

Relationships can bring us joy, but when there are communication or conflict resolution problems, that joy has the potential to turn into frustration and disappointment. We specialize in working with couples to help them find that joy again. Through the use of both short-term solution-focused therapy and deeper relational techniques, we guide clients to find the relationships they long for.

We specialize in helping with:

•    Communication and conflict resolution problems
•    Infidelity, both in person and online
•    Addiction and codependency issues
•    Sexual issues


Premarital Counseling

Premarital therapy used to be primarily the domain of those leading religious wedding ceremonies. Over time many couples (religious or not) have come to see the value of this premarital check-up. Premarital work can be useful for couples who are new in their journey together and for those who have been together for many years. Studies have found there is great usefulness in the premarital process. The change in the level of commitment of any relationship merits a check-up with a professional that can guide important conversations around finances, children, lifestyle choices, and communication. We offer the use of the Prepare Inventory as a tool in premarital work.


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is talk therapy that focuses on all aspects of sexuality. It does not include any physical contact or examinations. The session may include discussion of functioning, communication around, and feelings about sexual interactions. Sex therapy can be a part of regular couples therapy when appropriate. Sex therapy can also address impulse control issues such as excessive pornography use or unwanted extra-relationship sexual contact. For more information about what sex therapy is, go to If you are wondering if sex therapy is appropriate in your situation — either as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with couples therapy — feel free to ask.

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