Jamie Bennett, Intern

Jamie is a graduate student at Manhattan College studying Marriage and Family Therapy, and she is on-track to graduate this spring. She has always had passion for helping others and is excited to take the next step in her career as an intern at North Brooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy.

Jamie believes in using a holistic approach to therapy, drawing from various resources and methods depending on the specific needs of each client. Her compassionate and easily adaptable nature allows her to create meaningful connections with others and develop trusting bonds with her clients.

Before beginning her graduate education, Jamie received her certification as a Hypnotherapist from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in motivation, work and career goals and self-confidence. As part of her graduate education, Jamie is proficient in Family Systems Theory and has completed Level 1 training in Gottman Couples Therapy. She hopes to eventually combine Hypnotherapy and Marriage and Family Therapy to help others make meaningful changes in their lives.

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