Dara Innerfeld, MFT

Dara Innerfeld, MFT

Dara believes in a genuine partnership between a therapist and client and aims to create a safe space full of empathy and curiosity. She is drawn to helping people find the tools to more successfully communicate with those they hold dear. Dara recognizes the many unique facets of individual lives and how each piece has developed the person, people, and family that exists today. She believes in an individualized holistic approach and is drawn to multiple methods, including Narrative Theory and the Gottman Method.

Following a career in the arts and hospitality industries, Dara has found her true passion in helping individuals, couples, and families grow stronger and happier.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in Psychology, and a Masters of Family Therapy from Long Island University Brooklyn. She has worked with LGBTQ communities and youth/families with diverse social, demographic, and economic backgrounds. Dara feels passionate about social justice and believes that we all can make a difference in the world around us as we continue to better ourselves.

As an associate therapist, Dara can accept sliding scale fees.

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